Cast and Crew

Mike McKown (co-founder/director/cinematographer/editor) Mike is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh Film School and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He's the co-director of Prometheus Triumphant and STIFF, and the director of Survival Knife and Boxed. In addition, he has been the cinematographer and editor on all four RMS features.

Jim Towns (co-founder/director/writer) Born in Pittsburgh, Jim Towns is now based in Los Angeles. He is the writer and co-director of Prometheus Triumphant and Stiff, as well as the screenwriter of Survival Knife and Boxed. His most recent film, House of Bad, is available on DVD through Osiris Entertainment.

Melissa Troughtzmantz (actress: Prometheus Triumphant, Survival Knife/producer) Beginning her collaboration with RMS by performing the nude body double scenes in Prometheus Triumphant, Melissa has gone on to star as Detective Hatherton in Survival Knife, as well as performing behind the camera in various production capacities.

Lucien Desar (composer: Prometheus Triumphant, Stiff, Survival Knife) Lucien Desar is a NYC-based composer who has contributed scores for all of MMP/RMS's feature films to date.

Danielle Donahue (actress: Survival Knife) Danielle is the beautiful and talented star of RMS' latest release Survival Knife, as well as such films as well-known films such as Muckman, Aspiring Psychopath, Wildcat, and House of Carnage.