Scorned [2013]

  • Directed By Mike McKown
  • Produced By Mike McKown, Jim Towns & Melissa Troughtzmantz
  • Written By Mike McKown
  • Story By Danielle Donahuen
  • Starring: Danielle Donahue, Jesse-Lee Lafferty, and Chrissy Carnage
  • Music By Lucien Desar
  • Studio Robot Monkey Studios
  • Distributed By Robot Monkey Studios
  • Release Date September 13, 2013

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"A impressive homage to the pure power of Silent Cinema" Kevin Thomas, LA Times

Produced over several painstaking years, RMS's first feature is a throwback to classic German Expressionist cinema- filmed digitally, the footage was aged, de-saturated, and otherwise altered to replicate the feel of 1920's hand-cranked filmmaking. Prometheus was filmed in several locations in Western Pennsylvania including Dixmont State Asylum (now demolished) and the University of Pittsburgh's iconic Cathedral of Learning, as well as abandoned steel mills and condemned houses in the area.

Set in a small German town in the late 1800's, Prometheus tells the story of Janick, a brilliant but frustrated scientist on the verge of a breakthrough invention, which could mean salvation from the plague that is taking its toll on the population. When the superstitious doctors of the Medical College condemn him and his invention, Janick disappears, not knowing that his beloved Esmeralda has succumbed to the sickness and died. After Esmeralda is buried a mysterious masked stranger, the Creator, exhumes her, and takes her lifeless body back to his secluded mountain lair. There he uses strange equipment to bring Esmeralda back to life- at least physically.

PROMETHEUS TRIUMPHANT was co-directed by Mike McKown and Jim Towns, and written by Jim Towns. The film stars Kelly Lynn, Josh Ebel, Melissa Troughtzmantz, Shawn Morgan, Alla Snodgrass and Rachel Vallozzi, and is available on DVD on through Cinema Epoch, and will soon be available on VOD.


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