Stiff [2010]

  • Directed By Mike McKown & Jim Towns
  • Produced By Mike McKown, Jim Towns, and Melissa Troughtzmantz
  • Written By Jim Towns
  • Starring: Bill Scott and Lulu Benton
  • Music By Lucien Desar
  • Studio Robot Monkey Studios
  • Distributed By Cinema Epoch
  • Release Date November 22, 2010

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Filmed in 2010, STIFF is a dark quirky story about the relationship between Troy, a depressed office minion, and Lori, a suicide hotline operator with a dark secret- a childhood loss have left her with a powerful compulsion to sleep with a dead man.

When Troy calls the hotline in a moment of crisis, Lori takes the opportunity to give him her personal number. Shy and awkward around women, Troy finally reaches out to her, and the two meet. They hatch a strange bargain: Lori will help Troy kill himself, if she can have her way with his body afterwards. Troy moves in with Lori in her spacious house as he prepares for his final bow- but as the days go by he finds himself falling more and more in love with Lori, and wanting to die less and less.

"The film excels exploring the tricky emotional interplay between Lori and Troy. (it) manages to maintain its edge as a drama while never devolving into Deadgirl or Necromantic-type body-horror territory" McBastard's Mausoleum

STIFF was written by Jim Towns and co-directed by Jim Towns and Mike McKown. It stars Bill Scott and Lulu Benton, and is available on DVD on through Cinema Epoch.


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