Survival Knife [2014]

  • Directed By Mike McKown
  • Produced By Mike McKown, Jim Towns, and Melissa Troughtzmantz
  • Written By Jim Towns
  • Starring: Danielle Donahue, Jesse_Lee Lafferty, Lonnie Thomas, Melissa Troughtzmantz, Tom Kolos, Tara Davis, Josh Ebel, Chrissy Jenness, Manfred Woodall, Melody Joy, Kaitlyn Schoeb, Bruce Lentz, Candice Starks, and Dawn Lilly
  • Music By Lucien Desar
  • Studio Robot Monkey Studios
  • Distributed By Cinema Epoch
  • Release Date March 7, 2009

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A return to the true horror genre, 2014's Survival Knife remains unique in its inventive approach to the typical slasher film: it begins at the end of a typical slasher, with the beautiful heroine Penny (Danielle Donahue) killing the masked murderer and escaping.

From that beginning, the film follows Penny's struggle to put her life back to together, still haunted by visions of The Survivalist- the man who hunted down and killed every one of her friends on a hiking trip. Blinded in one eye and suffering a debilitating knee injury from the traumatic events, Penny suffers through counseling and physical therapy, all the while being tormented by nightmares and daytime visions of herself killing her friends. As Penny slowly begins to lose grip on reality, people she knows begin disappearing and dying, casting more and more suspicion on her, and making her question her own sanity.

Danielle Donahue (House of Carnage, Aspiring Psychopath, Muckman) turns in a powerhouse performance as Penny in Survival Knife. The film also features Jesse-Lee Lafferty (13 Score), Bruce Lentz (Fetish Dolls Die Laughing), Manfred Woodall, Melissa Troughtzmantz, Lonnie Thomas, Kait Shoeb and Chrissy Jenness.

SURVIVAL KNIFE (Directed by Mike McKown, written by Jim Towns) is completed, and is currently being submitted to various distributors.


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